Geppetto’s World is a design studio, factory and showroom developing bespoke play solutions and products of superior quality, strong aesthetic & cutting-edge design for children (aged 0-100!)
Recognised as the best soft play equipment for children in South Africa and exporting globally to cities including Dubai, London, Sydney and New York

PlayOn by Geppetto’s World was founded by Colin Levin, also known in industry circles as the ‘Peter Pan of free play’ and go-to guy for anything play related in 2003. The former engineer, with his ability to tap into the unhibited and imaginative world of children, put his skills to ideal use in re-imagining and designing PlayOn, the in-house brand of Geppetto’s World.

Levin is passionate about play and its ability to develop children and community. The PlayOn product line was developed collaboratively with therapists, educationalists, children and their parents where each creation was the result of a need, a gap in the market. Over the years, piece by piece, an extensive product range has emerged.



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