Would it be too much to say that Joburg runs on coffee? Personally, I don’t think so but then again – I do take my coffee seriously!
Exotic, yet accessible, the smell of coffee transports us to weird & wonderful places from all over the globe, including our beloved Africa…

This coming Sunday, 25th March 2018, Doppio Zero will be providing us with this essential beverage!
Thank you Doppio Zero.

Doppio Zero started out as a bakery and al fresco cafe in Greenside In March 2002 by entrepreneurs Paul Christie & Miki Milovanovic. Made popular by its freshly made artisan ciabatta, exclusive bakery and meeting place, the aroma of baking kept people coming and they knew they had something special. Over time this evolved into a full service restaurant with a wide range of Mediterranean specialties and traditional Italian fare. With the success of the Greenside restaurant, Doppio Zero began a quick expansion. Doppio Zero currently has restaurants in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Alexandria in Egypt with a complimentary blend of franchise, corporate and joint venture partnerships. Each of our restaurants has a unique personality but all share the common embodiment of European café culture and the same passion for quality food and service.

Our Philosophy
We believe in the goodness of quality, this attitude has shaped our hands-on approach at Doppio Zero . Every season we revisit our menu’s with some fresh ideas and seasonal ingredients. We love entertaining and so we celebrate each season with fresh campaigns and specialita on dishes or products that we love..

The Definition
The Doppio Zero definition: Double Zero (00) is a grading of the finest milled flour used to make pizza, pasta and confectionery. We use “Farina 00” to make our famous gourmet pizzas.

Doppio Zero pride themselves of being an integral part of the communities in and around our restaurants. We are actively involved in the schools, churches, golf clubs and associations that support us and we work hard to ensure they feel as much a part of the Doppio Zero Famiglia as we do. We run various restaurant specific campaigns yearly that provide an optimal platform to enhance the lives of those who work tirelessly to support our communities.

Our national CSI campaigns include a “Wish Tree” Christmas initiative where we provide gifts to underprivileged children as well as a very energetic involvement in Mandela Day each year. We work diligently to help both our restaurants and partner schools “go green” by focussing on recycling and rewarding those who do. We involve our partners in each community and ensure we give back, in both time and effort, to those less fortunate.

Other Stuff
When you walk into our restaurants your eyes are met by friendly staff as well as the restaurant’s earthy natural feel which boasts rustic colours and a relaxed yet elegant ambiance.

Characterised mainly by Mediterranean cuisine, Doppio Zero thrives on serving seasonal dishes as well as great-for-sharing gourmet fare. We like to change things up on a regular basis with fresh products and new menu items.


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