Play Africa is a South African non-profit company and social enterprise dedicated to creating child-centred spaces that spark creativity and learning through hands-on, experiential activities. We serve children from birth to age 10, their families and schools, igniting curiosity through groundbreaking programmes in Early Childhood Development (ECD) and foundation phase education.

  1. How is that you are involved with autism in Jozi?
  2. We, at  Play Africa, we pride ourselves in providing safe and accessible spaces for children and families from all walks of life. Many families with children on the autism spectrum often find themselves ostracised in public spaces. We help break these barriers to access by allowing these families to come into our space and freely be who they are and explore.

  3. How can we as a community in Jozi make play more inclusive for autists?
  4. Empathy. Understanding, acknowledging and validating other people’s needs and feelings. Empathy, does not cost anything. Ask: “what a can I (we) do to make your experience worthwhile? Sometimes the solution is not as complicated as we might think.

  5. What has worked for you & your organisation to facilitate play in autism?
  6. We are always open to all families that want to come for an hour or a day and spend time playing, engaging and feeling welcome, honoured and respected. Our Sensory Days have been appreciated by families.

Play Africa will be setting up some of their incredible play equipment for kids to play & explore at our walk on Sunday, 17th March 2019.
Don’t miss it!


Play Africa Group NPC Non-Profit Company

Registration (2014/101533/08)

T: +27 (0) 11 480 4892

E: info@playafrica.org.za

W: www.playafrica.org.za


Play Africa at Constitution Hill

11 Kotze Street


South Africa



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