Diketo Inclusive Education is a South African company providing inclusive education services, products and training for Early Childhood Development Centres as well as schools and other related structures.

  1. How is that you are involved with autism in Jozi?
  2. Diketo Inclusive Education supports and facilitates play/learning and work spaces to become inclusive for all individuals with a specific focus on people with disabilities. We are aware of the large number of children with Autism who do not have any access to play and learning opportunities. We therefore work closely with and support existing early childhood development centres and organisations in communities on how they can become inclusive for children with Autism.

  3. How can we as a community in Jozi make play more inclusive for autists?
  4. At Diketo, we believe that the transition towards a more inclusive play environment for children with disabilities is to destigmatise disability. This can be achieved by making the general public and community services aware and conscious about inclusion. At Diketo, we offer on-site workshops for ECD centres and community play and learning programmes on how they can develop their services to become more inclusive for children with disabilities.

  5. What has worked for you & your organisation to facilitate play in autism?
  6. Increasing the awareness and understanding of people working in existing mainstream play spaces about Autism and inclusion. We are a team of therapists and inclusion facilitators who work closely with teachers/parents/play practitioners with the aim to increase the number of children with Autism who will have access to play and early learning opportunities.


Diketo Inclusive Education


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