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Child Behaviour Consultants is a leading agency that provides progressive Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) services to children who have been diagnosed with Autism, Language delays, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Global developmental delays and Learning disabilities.

1. How is that you are involved with autism in Jozi?
Autism has always been a passion of mine, I opened a small Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy centre a few years ago and I have never looked back.

2. How can we as a community in Jozi make play more inclusive for autists?
I personally feel that the school/centre that your child goes to should be incorporating play into their programs. Once a child knows how to play they will be able to generalise this skill into their natural environment (Whether it is family supper at Spur or a walk to the park). If schools/centres incorporate the fundamental learning skills into the child’s curriculum, it would assist parents with increasing play skills at home as well.

3. What has worked for you & your organisation to facilitate play in autism?
We offer a very special approach to play which we have called Project Play. We teach play using Applied Behaviour Analysis techniques, but the focus is on the child’s Natural Environment. Using this method we have been able to improve children’s spontaneous play and language skills. We also offer social classes where the focus is more on group social games.




Child Behaviour Consultants


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