• Play Africa

  • Autism South Africa

  • Diketo Inclusive Education

  • Nature's Choice Wholefood Specialists

  • BMT Academy

  • Geppetto's World

  • Child Behaviour Consultants

  • Piece of Mind

  • Plush Elephant

  • I Am School for Autism

  • Jiswa School

  • Nokuthula Special School

  • Amazing K Autism School

Here is a round-up of all our exhibitors for our upcoming walk on 17th March 2019. Each stand has something different offer in terms of play – how to/when to/what with – so be sure to take your time as you explore the wonderful world of play…
Play is essential for autists and non-autists alike and remember – you’re never too old to play!

You’re probably also wondering who will be serving your gastronomic desires on the day – so look out for a list of our vendors –
to be posted next week.

Exhibitors 2019:

Go to Quicket now to buy your tickets!

See you all there,
Sumaya, Tasneem & Karen



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