The Freeway Group has donated bottled water for our upcoming walk! This means that every person taking part gets a free water. Thank you Freeway Group for keeping our peeps hydrated 😉

About the Freeway Group

The foundation of the Freeway Group is built on the attitude of exceptional customer service. This fundamental principle is passed on to each employee who is seen as an integral member of the Freeway Group family. Additionally, we strongly believe in growing with the technological and scientific advances of the world. As such, over the course of recent years we have consolidated technological services such as i22 works and Hashtag Viral under Freeway Digital. We also strongly believe in giving back to the community. Hence, we strive to participate in community initiatives and events.

Yet, together with our growth and development, our foundation continues to lay on avid attention to customer service which is at the core of our business principles. In all personal and business dealings, Freeway Group has set itself high ethical and moral standards, providing strategic guidance to all businesses and individuals in the freeway group. This group is committed to providing a safe and clean working environment for all its employees and encourages personal staff development through training and programs.

Every staff member is expected to be a good citizen in their communities and display the high moral and ethical behaviour that is sought after by many companies and is awarded by management. Furthermore, at the Freeway Group, we strongly believe that success lies not in what we receive but what we give back to our communities.

Alone we can only achieve so little, but together we can achieve so much more. The philosophy of Ubuntu states that ‘I am, because we are.’ Our aim is to live up to this principle. Thus, we make it a priority to involve ourselves in a number of community initiatives and programmes. We live by the belief that in order to make progress, we have to give back.



Freeway Group

T: +27 11 661 0000

E: Marketing@i22works.com

W: www.freeway.co.za


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